Our Mission Statement

Denver Community Fridges is a mutual aid project aimed at combatting food insecurity and reducing food waste in the Denver Metro area, which is located on the stolen land of the Cheyenne, Arapahoe, and Ute. We are a prison-industrial complex (PIC) abolitionist group that works in alignment with the movement for Black liberation and restoration of Indigenous sovereignty. Our team is non-hierarchical and is 100% volunteer ran.

We recognize that food insecurity is intimately linked to other forms of injustice and aim to work collaboratively with community members to meet people’s basic needs. We deeply believe that community work must be done collectively in order to be successful, so we encourage all members of our community to engage with the fridges in ways that feel restorative and supportive to them.

Additionally, we understand that our community members in the most vulnerable circumstances know their needs best, therefore we do not police how much/how often someone takes from the fridges. There is more than enough for us all.

Take a peek into our work!

Mutual Aid vs. Charity

Community Fridge Impact

Food Distributions

Day in the Life: Distro Shift

Winter Items

Food for the community, by the community

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