Meet the team!
Eli Zain (they/them)
Founder/Artistic Coordinator

* contact regarding interview requests and collaborations with local orgs

Francesca Pezzali (she/her)
Marketing Director

* contact regarding marketing materials, social media requests, website accessibility

Taylor Stack (she/her)
Volunteer Coordinator

*contact regarding our volunteer program

Sara McCafferty (she/her)
Financial Director

*contact regarding Open Collective and financial donations

Lisa Kelly (she/her)
Food Donation Coordinator

*contact regarding food/supply pickups and distribution, excess food donations

AJ Boglioli (they/he)
General Operations Manager
Netty Rodriguez Arauz (they/them)
Community Coordinator

*contact regarding new fridge host interests and potential grant opportunities

Nat Duran (he/him)
Social Media Coordinator
Caroline Sprague (they/them)
Social Media Coordinator
Ben Fosbaugh (he/they)
Community Coordinator

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